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08/04/2014Room Booking Request Form (Vivien Rice)
17/07/2014PCC-Secrecy-requirements-postal-voting (Robert Tonks)
17/07/2014PCC-Secrecy-requirements-the-poll (1) (Robert Tonks)
17/07/2014PCC-Secrecy-requirements-verification-and-count (Robert Tonks)
22/07/2014Information for Poll Clerks (Teresa Lawrence)
07/08/2014Alternative Training sessions for PO'S (Vivien Rice)
08/08/2014Senior Count Staff Instructions - Friday Count - PCC By Election 2104 (Jackie Warren)
11/08/2014Electoral Commission Polling Station Handbook (Safeena Tonks)
11/08/2014PCC Polling Station Handbook (Vivien Rice)
11/08/2014PCC Polling Station Handbook-Addendum (Vivien Rice)
13/08/2014Verification Centres - PCC By Election - Thursday 21st August 2014 (Jackie Warren)
13/08/2014PO premise detail sheets by ward (Robert Tonks)
13/08/2014Car Park Pass and Map of NIA Car Park for ICC parking (Jackie Warren)
13/08/2014Senior Count Staff Thursday Verification Instructions - PCC By Election 21.8.14 (Jackie Warren)
20/08/2014Senior Count Staff Contact List for PCC By Election - 21st August 2014 (Jackie Warren)
20/08/2014List of Postal Supervisors Contact Details - PCCBE 2014 (Jackie Warren)